Admission Requirements


Students are requested to have one of the following pre-requisites to qualify for enrollment into a ALL BODY LASER TRAINING INSTITUTE Diploma or Certificate program:

  1. Grade 12 graduation from a Canadian High School or an equivalent level institution Worldwide; or
  2. Apply as a mature student, be over 18 years of age and successfully complete the ALL BODY LASER TRAINING INSTITUTE Entrance Exam with a passing grade of 65%.
  3. Must have completed a skin care or medical related program at ALL BODY LASER TRAINING INSTITUTE, or another institution however that would require review

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    • We Are The Pioneers of Cosmetic Medical Laser Training In Canada
    • We Offer Job Career Placement Assistance To All Our Graduates
    • We Are The Most Extensive Clinical Hands On Training In North America
    • Private Tutoring is Available - Fees May Apply
    • Accredited and EQA ( Education Quality Assurance ) Recognized by the Government
    • Recognized by the Private Training Institution Branch PTIB
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