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Cosmetic Laser Safety Officer Training Course

This course is specifically designed to specialize you and your staff as an LSO to meet the safety and disease control, and radiation guidelines in our growing market in the Cosmetic Laser industry services. The use of these lasers has quickly moved from the closely safety-regulated hospital environment to the completely self-regulated private industry – whether in a doctor’s office, private clinic, Spa, or beauty salon.

man getting laser hair removal treatment

Course Duration: 1 Day

This course will prepare the student for the role of Laser Safety Officer (LSO). Following the guidelines for owners, managers, and laser technicians. These guidelines are in accordance with the Radiation Protection Branch, B.C Centre for Disease Control an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority. Plus, in accordance with the ANSI Z136.3-2011 Standards, as well as the CSA Z386-14 Standards.

Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training program designed specifically for aestheticians, registered nurses, dermatologists or plastic surgeons, owners or managers offering cosmetic laser technology in their clinic or med-spa.

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